RecordersStudents in Grades 3 learn to play the recorder.  After learning the basics, we begin the “Recorder Belts Program”. Students must complete the various levels to earn their “belts” (little pieces of string which attach to the bottom of their recorders).  For each level, there are different songs which the students must be able to perform in order to obtain their belt for that level.  Once Black Belt is obtained, there are some challenging special belts which the students can work to earn.

Recorder students are not required to have their own recorder as the school provides one for them to use.  Since they may not take their school recorder home, many students choose to buy their own recorders so they can practice anytime.  Recorders are quite affordable and can be purchased at any music store.

Please click on the links below to hear some of our previous recorder performances

Recorder Belt Music (Students are encouraged to print these to practice at home)

Fingering Chart – Soprano               

Recorder Fingering Chart

White Belt Songs – Soprano

White Belt Songs – Alto

Yellow Belt Songs – Soprano

Yellow Belt Songs – Alto

Orange Belt Songs – Soprano

Orange Belt Songs – Alto

Green Belt – Soprano

Green Belt – Alto

Purple Belt – Soprano

Purple Belt – Alto

Blue Belt Songs – Soprano

Blue Belt Songs – Alto

Special Blue Belt Songs – Soprano

Special Blue Belt Songs – Alto

Red Belt Songs – Soprano

Red Belt Songs – Alto

Special Red Belt Songs – Soprano

Special Red Belt Songs – Alto

Brown Belt Songs – Soprano

Brown Belt Songs – Alto

Special Brown Belt – Soprano

Special Brown Belt – Alto

Black Belt Songs – Soprano

Black Belt Songs – Alto

Electronic Recorder Karate Testing Instructions

In order to maximize our class time, I would like to add electronic recorder testing this year for students who are willing and able to do this at home.  Please note: Students may only test for one belt at a time and they must wait to hear back from me before they try for the next level.  To submit a test electronically, please follow the instructions below:

1) You may record your songs using any iPad or iPhone app that you may have.  You may also use a free online recorder if your computer has a microphone.  Click here for the online recorder.

2) Press record.  Say your full name, classroom teacher and which belt you are testing for.

3) Play the songs and save them.

4) Email the sound file to Mrs. Onuma at