About Us

École Campus View Elementary School is a K-5 dual track English and Early French Immersion school with a total population of approximately 450 students in 21 classroom divisions. Within that, we have 11 French and 10 English divisions. While our English catchment represents a fairly typical distance from our school, our French catchment casts a wide net, as far as about 5 km from the school.

Parents at Campus View generously donate their time and effort to help us create various community events throughout the year – while our PAC does work to generate funds to help support programs and ‘extras’, they strive to provide community events for families that have either no cost for participation, or limited cost. Building community is an important goal.  Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) actively supports school areas such as fine arts, school-wide chess, athletics programs, seismic emergency preparedness, class funds for teachers, and much more. This year, we will also be working with PAC around healthy ways of getting to school as well as ways to reduce plastics in our environment and community. We have great appreciation for their efforts, ongoing support, and the close working relationship we maintain.

At Campus View we strive for high academic expectations and are proud of both the academic work we do with students, and with the work we do to help them become good citizens in a community.   Our continued goals are to continue to increase our effectiveness as educators as we implement our rich, revised B.C. Curriculum and create opportunities for ‘thinking and inquiry’ across the curriculum. We will continue to work hard to build a collaborative community with all our stakeholders and strive to help students become responsible individuals with the ability to think critically about the world they live in.


Dwayne Doyle,

Karen Fallan,
Vice Principal