BYOD Initiative

The use of technology when it can enhance learning is becoming more and more important today and we are striving for best ways to address this. At this time, BYOD is an option we have presented at our school where students in Intermediate classes bring their own Chromebook / iPad to school to utilize as a learning tool. At the same time, we are building a school supply of devices. Our goal is to increase the number of available devices for all students so that when technology can be used to enhance thinking and learning, it is more available. With six divisions of Intermediate students and approximately 45 devices available (iPads / Chromebooks), the use of technology has been very ‘scheduled’ and means that it is often unavailable. As well, primary students need some access to our iPads. For families who can send an iPad that is already in their home or who choose to consider a chromebook we are offering this as an option (chromebooks are like small laptops with no hard drive and  with the battery life of a tablet – they require no maintenance as they do not hold programs or operating systems and cost about $350). This way, we increase availability for everyone and are able to offer more digital learning options for all students. The more students have devices, the less ‘taxed’ our school supply, and the more spontaneous use is available. All students, regardless, will have access to a device whenever technology is utilized in the classroon. When students are doing individual learning, if devices from the school pool are not available for students who require use of a school device, teachers will find alternate times for the activity so that no student is ever left out.  *It is possible that, at times, students will share devices as they always have ie. a pair or small group of students working on a group learning activity. Our goal, in the end, is to apply judicious, and appropriate use of technology to support all learners that is thoughtfully aligned with the new BC Curriculum. 

We realize this is a significant consideration for many families and a new idea to everyone – no family should feel pressure to purchase a device. We would be happy to have more in depth conversations if you would like more information or have more questions. If this is the case, please let us know and we will be happy to contact you.