Code of Conduct

“Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leader”

The relationship between home and school is a vital partnership in the educational development children. As a school community (families and staff) we have endeavoured to blend a shared sense of values that benefit the learning of each student at Campus View. Our vision statement, “Today’s learners,tomorrow’s leaders” is an expression of one ideals and hopes for the children in one care. Our mission statement speaks to our purpose as a community of learners. Finally, our core school values (code of conduct) are guiding principles for how we will work together.

Mission Statement:
Campus View in partnership with its community, is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and
respectful environment where each student aspires to reach his/her full potential as an educated citizen.

Core Values – Code of Conduct:
Our core values are designed to help create a climate of cooperation, learning success, respect and
safety. Students at École Campus View Elementary are expected to follow the four pillars of behavior


Students at Campus View will:

  • Respect self, others and the school
  • Treat each other with kindness and respect
  • Behave and play without harming or threatening others
  • Respect the privacy and possessions of others
  • Respect and care for school property
  • Arrive to school on time ready to learn
  • Be attentive and complete all assignments to the best of their ability
  • Use their WITS. (Walk sway, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help) when dealing with peer conflict
  • Inform an adult of incidents of bullying, harassment or intimidation or any other safety concerns

In our school we RESPECT others by promoting a culture of understanding:

  • for individual differences in our school community
  • for needs of others as they develop an learners
  • for tolerance and forgiveness
  • for helpful strategies to resolve problems
  • for a clean and healthy living environment

In our school we will be RESPONSIBLE by:

  • caring for others in a respectful manner
  • communicating truthfully and honestly while maintaining relationships
  • acknowledging an expectation for process
  • striving to achieve academic excellence

In our school we will demonstrate COOPERATIVE values by:

  • assisting those that require support
  • supporting our school code of conduct
  • promoting positive relationships between home and school
  • understanding the need for flexibility with time and schedules

In our school we will demonstrate SAFE values by:

  • reinforcing and modelling appropriate behaviours
  • being available to attend to safety issues
  • ensuring there is on-going maintenance in our school
  • maintaining an awareness of risk factors in our school
  • implementing programs that promote student safety

Unacceptable Behaviour:
As a school, we attempt to align our values for a Safe and Caring School with the B.C. Human Rights Code that, “Promotes a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights.” Unacceptable behaviour at Campus View is defined as:

  • interferes with the learning of others
  • interferes with an orderly environment
  • creates unsafe conditions
  • acts of bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • physical violence
  • retribution or retaliation against a person who has reported an incident
  • illegal acts such as possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substances
  • possession or use of weapons
  • theft or damage to property

Rising expectations — Guiding children to make good choices by applying appropriate resolution strategies Increasing personal responsibility and self-discipline Teachers review Core Values with students and develop strategies and skills that lead to children making appropriate behaviour choices. Involving parents with the school to plan the necessary strategies and skills to support the child in making good behaviour choices When incidents are repeated, teachers, administration, school counsellor and parents will come together to form plans to assist the child.

Grounds for Discrimination include: Race, Colour, Ancestry, Place of Origin, Religion, Marital Status, Family Status, Physical or Mental Disability, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Age.

Consequences — Guiding principles of a school consequence are to identify the inappropriate behaviour  to bring understanding as to how the behaviour affects self and others, and to develop strategies and skills that change the child’s behavior

Whenever possible, consequences will be preventative and restorative, rather than merely punitive.
We consider individual personalities and increasing expectations of responsibility based on age, special
needs and goals when dealing with student conduct. Appropriate discipline is positive in nature and
involves the active participation of students.

Consequence for violating the code of conduct will vary according to the severity and frequency of actions. Whenever possible, restitution approaches will be applied to support children affected by inappropriate behaviour  The focus of restitution is to change behaviour  fix the problem, restore relationships and maintain the dignity of the child. the restitution model emphasizes working with the student, rather than doing something to the student. Examples of consequences are:

  • incident debriefing/restitution
  • one-to-one conference with the child (with teacher, counsellor, educational assistant, supervisor
  • or administrator)
  • meeting with all parties concerned to develop a plan of appropriate restitution
  • incident report home, phone call home and/or conference with parent(s) and student
  • loss of privileges
  • suspension (in school/out of school)

Notifications — The school community and school district will be made aware of serious situations or incidents and
will be communicated to about how these issues are being addressed

  • police and/or other agencies within the school community will be informed and team together with the school to best address the conflict
  • District Crisis Incident Response Team may also he called upon to form a partnership with the school as an intervention resource
  • our school community will promote safety by addressing any and all discrimination directed towards school families, staff or visitors attending Campus View