Our current school clubs include the following:

Chess Club: Chess is available many Wednesday’s during the lunch play time – when Mr. Churchill is visiting the school, he offers chess in the library for interested students.

Lunch Monitors: Grade 5 students assist younger students in classrooms when eating during lunchtime and whenever there is an indoor recess.

Campus View Choir: Open to all Grade 4 & 5 students. Students meet with Mrs. Onuma each Wednesday morning at 8am for practices. Our choir participates in various festivals and assemblies throughout the school year.

Sports: throughout the year, various sports are offered to various grades depending on teacher sponsorship.  It has been common for us to offer basketball, soccer, cross country, track.

Additional Music Clubs: throughout the year, our music teacher, Mrs. Onuma commonly offers various music clubs for varying ages: Tone Chime Choir and  Orffestra are examples of this.