• District Student Transition Day

    May 19, 2022

    District Transition/ Orientation Day is an afternoon allocated to schools to support the transitions from Elem to Middle and Middle to High schools.  In normal years, students in grade 5 would spend the afternoon at their "next year" middle school and those in grade 8 would spend the afternoon at their “next year” high school.   This would include probably tours, meet the P/VP, probabaly an assembly, etc.

    At middle it typically looks like:

    • Meet in the gym, intro to the school, meet the P/VP, some staff
    • Then go into groups and do an active  tour – see the  home ecc and cook an egg, see wood shop, drama, etc. learn to open a lock and see a locker, see what a schedule might look like, see the office and fill out late slip, etc.  those kinds of things.
    • End up back at the gym for a closing something.

    Middle to high would be similar but more program driven. Ex. If you are in the CSE, gifted, challenge, aviation, etc.

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  • Victoria Day (regional holiday)

    May 23, 2022

    School is closed today.

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December 17th – PJ Day!  Last Day before Winter Break

January 4th – First Day back to School after Winter Break

January 10th – 14th – Read more

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End Bell: 2:35 pm

Absent line:  250-477-0178 (press 1)

Outside Supervision is provided: 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after school

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At Campus View we work hard to have high academic expectations and high standards for social responsibility.  Our goals are to continue to increase thinking / inquiry opportunities for all students and to continue to develop socially responsible individuals who who take full advantage of the opportunities available in their every day learning.



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