Thank you for ‘hamper donations’ to the Red Cedar Cafe !

Please see our recent email from December 10 about Community Donations if you would like to support our ‘hamper’ drive this year.

Good afternoon Campus View families.  As we get closer to our winter break, we are glad things are calm and stable in our environment, and we hope you are all well.

Donating to the Larger Community

  • Many of you have recently been asking about food drive contributions at the school; we have a plan for this for those of you who would like to participate.  The bccdc rules around collecting and re distributing actual food donations are too strict and comprehensive for us to manage at this time.  Because of this, we have set up a way for families to donate more directly. There are many worthy local organizations; at this time, we have decided to direct our donations to The Red Cedar Café  which has been in existence since April in Victoria.  The Red Cedar Café makes and delivers if necessary, ‘free or pay what you can’ meals for individuals or families in need.  They have 8 paid staff and 374 volunteers at this time and are producing about 1500 fresh plus 1000 frozen meals a week for those in need. If you would like to act with us to support the The Red Cedar Cafe, we have created an online donation process through our school accounts.  After collecting online donations from our community, we will let you all know the size of the donation we are able to provide on behalf of our school and will issue a cheque to the organization. You can  donate any amount in denominations of $5. Please click here if you would like to join us!

Volunteering Time at Red Cedar

  • As well, if one or more members of a family are interested in volunteering even short periods of time in person, they also welcome this and you can simply go to their website where you can easily sign up to volunteer or donate directly if you prefer:  Opportunities range from short three hour food  prep shifts to delivering meals for them and can ‘one time’ or ‘regular’ volunteering.

Hamper Help in Our Own Campus View Community

  • Last, separate from donating to the larger community, we do try to help several families in our school directly.  If you wish to help with that either by donating funds or shopping cards from a local grocery, you are welcome to contact us by responding to this email, or contact our PAC @ – we do this work together so either method works!


Doug Smith
Principal, École Élémentaire, CAMPUS VIEW Elementary

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